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  • Oil/Gas PetroChem

    It has been a loooong time since I have logged in lol. I see the last post wins is still going strong lol. I've just been focusing on school the last couple of years. Took me longer than I expected but decided to make a career change halfway through my education.

    Anyways, I was curious if anyone here works in the Oil/gas or Petrochemical field? I recently got my AAS in Instrumentation and was wondering if anybody has any information on where to get your foot in the door or where to begin etc. Seems like a lot of places want 3-5 yrs experience as a minimum when it comes to Instrumentation and I have 0 besides the 2 years education. Thought I'd ask in here since I am sure we all come from different backgrounds.

    Any information is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    well I'm not in the PetroChem Industry.....(MLee is)