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  • DeMod 2012 V6 Camaro

    2012 Camaro flooded a while back and just getting around to selling the stuff I never got around to putting on the car that's been sitting in the garage a while. Would love to just sell it all together but not opposed entirely to separating a few things...

    Cold air intake from Cold Air Inductions near chrome finish (CAI new 398.95 with 25k miles use) $200 OBO
    Custom brake fluid res. with cold air scoop (forgot where I ordered it around 150ish never used) $100 OBO
    Elite Engineering Catch can plus filter (150 new never used) $100 OBO
    Oracle halo led lights for headlights and fog lights with controller (Oracle $500 new never installed) $300 OBO
    2 X Brembo calipers with pads and rotors (payed 400 for them used and I never installed them) $300 OBO

    Take everything for $800 OBO
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    just so you get the most traffic so you will sell your stuff, if you haven't already, post them on the clubs for sales section of the FB page as well.


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      Good stuff for someone there. 6.5.0


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        well if I wasn't unemployed I would interested in the calipers. <sigh>
        What does this mean??
        Custom brake fluid res. with cold air scoor
        2012 Camaro 2LT RS V6 6 spd


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          The scoop moves colder air towards the CAI which can sometimes grab hot air from the engine. However the brake res. is too big/ gets in the way of the scoop and there was a guy selling the smaller res. that would allow installation of the scoop. I bought that one a few years ago and just kinda forgot about it. When I first bought the car I had every intention of installing all sorts of odds and ends but then life kinda got in the way and the only thing I ever actually put on the car was the CAI around 50k ish.. Around 75k mileage I blew an engine and took the CAI off and never put it or anything else back on. Then the car flooded and everything just kinda sat in the garage a while until last weekend I was cleaning out the garage and put it all together and figured might as well sell the stuff, just sitting around collecting dust.


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            I guess im not getting the picture in my mind due to the location of the brake reservoir, and the CAI.
            2012 Camaro 2LT RS V6 6 spd


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              I just went way back and looked through all my old messages/posts/discussions from when I bought the thing and you are correct. I'm not sure why I thought the thing came with the scoop, it was separate. The small res. was for a clutch res. so that clutch and brake fluid don't contaminate each other. Never installed either but somehow I had thought they came together.


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                Ok thats what I thought it was. I could use one of those, but now is not a good time. recently laid off.
                2012 Camaro 2LT RS V6 6 spd