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  • Get that work in.

    Update as of 08/14/2020 the following work has been done to my car.
    1) Battery changed
    2) Radiator plug and fluids taken care of
    3) Brakes and rotors serviced (changed)
    4) spark plugs changed
    5) spark plug wires changed
    6) oil changed
    7) oil filter changed
    8) transmission fluid changed
    9) transmission filter changed
    10) fuel filter changed
    11) Gas treatment added to the fuel
    12) Fuel injector cleaner added to fuel
    Work that needs to be done:
    a) Fix thermostat and gasket. This guy changed my thermostat but didn't scrape the old gasket off cleanly, so now I have a leak WTF!
    Everybody knows that but he simply did not complete that task correctly.
    b) I need to find complete weather stripping for the car.
    c) while bleeding the brakes i could not turn one of the screws to get the air out.
    d) tighten aftermarket gear shifter handle (cause it still moves).
    e) get a new Steering wheel.
    f) get new windshield. wipers
    Thats what I've started with and will complete until something else comes up or someone in this group gives me some great advice.
    I'm listening so come on with all you guys know!

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    as far as the weather striping goes....try YEAR ONE, chances are, if they don't have it, it can't be had.