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Vinyl Camaro Stripes


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  • Vinyl Camaro Stripes

    Hello All! I'm just here asking where can I get the racing stripes that alot of camaros have? Where can I get them & where can I go to get them installed correctly? I also want them to be Matte Red. Thank you in advance!

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    There are a couple different ways to do it. Some people have stripes painted on. You can order the RS striping through Chevrolet. Getting them installed properly is a tough one.

    There is a guy that I have heard about that most body shops know of that is really good on the stripes. If he messes them up he pays for the new ones. When my hood was replaced the body shop messed it up. I went to Service King and they had this guy do it.

    When it was messed up at first, they scratched the decal, and its not hard to do.

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      Mine came with the car. When I to replace a portion of the stripe when I updated my rear spoiler, I had a friend of mine that owns his own graphics business.
      Greg Lilly of Underground graphics. He is well know in the show car world, mostly imports.
      2012 Camaro 2LT RS V6 6 spd


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        Barnett Pinstripping in Kemah did mine and a couple others. He does great work, even does custom airbrushing etc. Call Jason at 832-473-1493